We’re a people business, too.

As career HR professionals, we have seen it all—the good, the bad & the actionable. At VIVO Growth Partners, we have united around a collective desire to empower ownership, leadership and employees alike to grow and thrive.

Today, VIVO works with growth-minded companies throughout central Ohio.

Molly Eyerman


VIVO was founded by Molly Eyerman in 2016. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business with an MS in accountancy, Molly began her professional career in finance, working a PricewaterhouseCoopers in transaction services. As her career advanced, however, she was increasingly fascinated by the ability of people and culture to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

After transitioning from finance to human resources, Molly left corporate America to launch her own HR consultancy, which ultimately grew to become VIVO Growth Partners.

Katie Russ

Director of HR Services

Katie graduated from Vanderbilt University before attending The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. An affinity for process development led Katie from law to HR, where she began her career as an associate director at Beecher Hill.

At VIVO, Katie works with clients to create the structure and systems that empower effective people to do meaningful work.

Our Values


Our relationships are genuine and built on honesty, respect and loyalty.


Our team supports each other through hard work, fun, flexibility and humor.


We’re passionate about building true partnerships with our people, our clients and our community.

Our Team

  • Molly Eyerman
    Molly Eyerman Founder + CEO
  • Katie Russ
    Katie Russ Human Resources Manager
  • Jillian Swanson
    Jillian Swanson Talent Acquisition Partner
  • Melissa Cowman
    Melissa Cowman Talent Acquisition Partner
  • Jordan Stuckey
    Jordan Stuckey Human Resources Coordinator
  • Ally Hargrave
    Ally Hargrave Human Resources Coordinator

“Hiring VIVO has been life changing! As a small company, HR duties tend to fall to the person willing to take them on, which for our organization was me… a numbers person. It quickly became evident that not only was it taking more time than anticipated, but it was work I didn’t enjoy, and our team was not getting the service they needed – or deserved. When I initially met with Molly, the services she told me they would offer sounded too good to be true, and 3+ years later, they’ve exceeded all expectations! Katie and Molly respond promptly and professionally to all inquiries, and have become highly-valued members of our team. I don’t know what we’d do without them!”

— Molly Engle, EVP, The Zimmerman Companies

Not one-size-fits-all. More our-size-fits-you.

Let’s create an HR solution that works for your people, your business—and you.