The business of people.

From your first employee to your 500th, regardless of what industry you are in, whatever it is you produce, create, service or deliver, no matter what business you are in… you are in the people business. Our job is to help you succeed.

VIVO Growth Team HR Services

HR + People Ops


HR Outourcing Partnerships + HR Issue Consultation

We provide comprehensive, best-in-class HR services for companies looking to remain nimble as they grow. We are your HR team, whether that’s the occasional employee question or driving the full spectrum of People Operations.


HR Assessments

Do you feel like your HR processes and policies could be better, but you don’t know where to start? We can do an HR assessment to give you insights and recommendations on how to improve your HR function (and we can implement them, if you’d like!).


Career Pathing

Your most effective employees should always know what their next career step should be. We can help you identify those employees, and plot a trajectory that keeps them engaged.


Payroll/HRIS Implementation

Are you frustrated with your current HRIS or payroll system? We can help you evaluate new HRIS or payroll systems and drive the implementation process.


Feedback Process Guidance

From weekly check-ins to quarterly sit-downs to annual reviews, the only right way to provide your people with the feedback they crave is the one that works for manager and employee alike. We can help you create it.



Small business often means living in the gray. We can help guide you through employee issues to bring things to resolution.


Employee Engagement + Culture Development

Gallup® estimates that only 1 in 3 employees are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace. Furthermore, employee turnover at organizations with strong cultures is 14%—compared with 48% in companies with poor culture.

We can help you engage your people, build and nurture your culture.


Cultural Development

Employee turnover at organizations with strong cultures is 14%—compared with 48% in companies with poor culture. We can help you build and nurture your culture.


Employee + Culture Handbook/Policies

Clearly defined processes, practices and operating procedures allow everyone in your organization to understand what is expected. We can help you write and publish a handbook your people will actually want to read.


Onboarding/Offboarding and other HR Process Improvement

Low quality processes can cost organizations up to 30% of their annual revenue. We can help you create systems and processes that engage your people and improve your performance.


HR Administration

We can help you streamline administration, documentation, compliance and everything else that will one day be done by robots.

Talent Acquisiton + Recruiting


TA + Recruitment Outsourcing Partnerships

Our TA team helps clients with the time-consuming parts of the recruiting process and keeps candidates engaged and excited about positions. As your recruiting team, we focus on finding people who are qualified for and a strong addition to your organization so that they will be there long-term.


TA + Recruitment Searches

Do you have a one-time need to find an amazing candidate for a higher-level role? Whether it’s an Executive Assistant, an HR Director, or just about anything in between, we can lead a TA search to find your next top-notch team member.

Not one-size-fits-all. More our-size-fits-you.

Let’s create an HR solution that works for your people, your business—and you.