Career Pathing

Case study


Small PR agency (~25 employees) wanted to develop a career path to:

  • Help develop and retain current employees,
  • Attract new hires by showing a clear path for growth, and
  • Create this under the premise of keeping the team small, but scaling for opportunity/client growth.

The agency’s growth had outpaced their structure. The resulting confusion was beginning to impact culture. Employees were confused and lacked direction.

  • There were also a couple of upcoming promotions but the owner wanted a clear structure with job titles, competencies, and process to move forward.
  • Previously, titles were given to employees without a full vetting (competencies, job description, etc.) to support the title/level.
  • Desire to provide the growth path plus more structure to support, replicate, and share with all team members.

The company wanted to create a clear, easily understood framework that would align personal and business growth to individual career paths, helping both managers and employees better understand the direction of the company and the requirements for advancement. We developed a matrix with core growth areas, a performance review structure that could be universally implemented and a development goal tracker to keep managers and reports on the same page.


The updated process provided clarity for the organization while minimizing bureaucracy. Ownership reported that employees were very appreciative, and performance had improved in all departments.

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Career Pathing

Small PR agency (~25 employees) wanted to develop a career path to help develop and retain current employees, attract new hires, and create this under the premise of keeping the team small.

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