Converting contractors to employees

Case study


A public relations firm had a virtual business model with contractors across four states. In an effort to create more business cohesion, they wanted to convert contractors to full-time employees.


In moving from a contractor-model to full-time employees, the company would need to immediately create the systems and compliance framework necessary for employment.


From payroll to performance reviews to an employee handbook, we created the infrastructure to accommodate the conversion of contractors to employees and paved the way for future hires.


The company reported the conversion went smoothly and efficiently, making the transition to an employee model seamless and effective.

“In our industry, we’re constantly working to find great talent. Thanks to Vivo Growth Partners, our recruiting efforts have greatly improved.”

-Thor Hess, EVP, Southeastern Equipment Co. Inc.

Career Pathing

Small PR agency (~25 employees) wanted to develop a career path to help develop and retain current employees, attract new hires, and create this under the premise of keeping the team small.

Company Layoffs

Tech company experiencing extreme growth failed to secure its next round of funding and needed to lay off approximately ⅓ of the team.

Extension of HR Team

Healthcare organization going through rapid growth needed ad hoc HR support because the HR Generalist was going out on an extended leave of absence. Eventually, accounting contact left the [...]