HR Partnership

Case study


In 2016, approached by real estate and property management company with approximately 25 employees for an HR partnership.


At the time, the team had no dedicated HR resource; steps in various HR processes were done piecemeal by different people, leading to inconsistency in processes and policy enforcement. The company needed someone to develop processes and policies and build the HR function.

  • Collaborate with leadership team to assign accountability for HR functions.
  • Partner with accounting/finance function and leadership team to create and implement payroll process.
  • Complete RFP process to identify new HRIS partner that could provide integrated system for employee record management, payroll, timekeeping, benefits administration, performance management, and recruiting. Implement/rollout new HRIS to entire team.
  • Create new timeline and process for annual performance reviews to ensure all employees receive timely feedback. 
  • Develop forward-looking organizational chart and identify opportunities for employees to grow within the company.
  • Partner with insurance broker to identify new benefit programs that are less expensive and provide more options for employees.
  • Conduct RFP process for 401(k) plan and implement first-ever 401(k) plan for employees.
  • Implement consistent recruiting process, including job requisition, position description and posting, candidate screening, and candidate engagement.
  • Be a resource for employees who have questions or issues with team members or supervisors; mitigate low-level issues to keep from escalating.
  • Help leaders work through performance issues with team members, including identifying opportunities for improvement and coaching.
  • Implement consistent termination process, including gathering feedback through exit interviews to identify key culture and company issues.
  • Create team member award/recognition program, and establish regular team meeting cadence to celebrate wins.
  • Ensure compliance with HR laws.

Over the past 7 years, we have transformed the HR function by building relationships, developing and implementing processes, and driving accountability across the organization. The first few years of our partnership were primarily about creating structure and ensuring we had the right processes and systems in place. The last few years, our focus has been on employee development and engagement and company culture. As managers and leaders have developed more experience with HR areas and issues, they have been able to manage some of the “easier” conversations with team members, which has allowed us to focus on higher-level, strategic initiatives.

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