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Employee turnover is a big concern for companies of all sizes and industries. High turnover disrupts productivity, increases recruiting costs, and negatively impacts company reputation and culture. To combat this issue, many businesses are outsourcing their HR as an approach to improve retention rates. But how exactly do outsourced HR services, such as those provided by VIVO Growth Partners, improve employee satisfaction and retention?

For one, VIVO Growth Partners have a deep understanding of people operations, with extensive expertise in onboarding, compensation, performance management, conflict resolution, and other areas that affect employee engagement. We bring a level of expertise that would otherwise be lacking in a company building their HR from the ground up. VIVO understands what motivates employee loyalty and is dedicated to building a long-term partnership with your business so we can better understand your company’s goals, culture, and values. This allows us to design programs that foster a positive work environment, build strong employee relationships, and reward employee contributions. 

It all starts with a streamlined hiring process and effective onboarding. VIVO Growth Partners handles talent acquisition from start to finish to create positive candidate experiences, while allowing your team to focus on core business practices. We leverage our recruiting expertise to find high-quality talent, keeping candidates excited and engaged throughout the hiring process. This relieves you of the stress of recruitment while ensuring new hires come into the company feeling heard and ready to engage in company initiatives. Additionally, VIVO Growth Partners helps design competitive compensation and benefits packages to attract and retain top talent.

Clear performance expectations and regular feedback are crucial for employee development and retention. VIVO Growth Partners implements effective performance management systems that set clear goals, provide feedback and coaching, and reward employee achievements. We like to foster a culture of trust and continuous improvement to empower employees to feel valued and invested in their roles. As your trusted HR partners, we also advise how to best handle workplace conflicts to create a supportive and collaborative work environment. 

Creating a positive workplace environment through effective HR is crucial to reducing turnover and increasing employee retention rates. Outsourcing your HR needs with VIVO Growth Partners ensures the long-term success of your company by implementing systems that support your organization’s culture while boosting employee morale, loyalty, and engagement.